Tuesday, December 13, 2022

So-Fi in Paradiso

OK, you non-Dutchies out there, this is a post about Sophie Reekers, aka So-Fi. A newcomer in the Dutch indie-scene, with innovative songs (in Dutch), sweet melodies and influences that range from Tinariwen to Clairo. And she's a lover of Christmas, for years she is making these highly charming videos with her dad. Great songs, great clips.
This is Kerstpakket (Christmas gift), a song about regretting having a gift ready for the holidays:
This is Als het kerst is (When It's Christmas), about not wanting to miss anything 'bout Christmas but spending the rest of the year in bed ('cause, you know 2021, not a great year)
One Minute Christmas (Een Minuutje Kerstmis), such a sweet sweet song:

You guessed right, So-Fi will be attending the Christmas A Go Go Spectactular in Paradiso, Amsterdam on December 20. Other artists there, alsof featured on this blog, are Gerhardt, Sleigh Shakers, Julia P., Fay Lovsky, S. Lois and Judy Blank.