Friday, December 02, 2022

Dougie Poole

I first heard Dougie Poole on this fantastic tipsy 70s AM Radio track by Drugdealer. That slightly unsteady voice, a crooner who had just one too many, it fitted lyrics like 'Wine and liquor pouring down your drain, it settles on your brain, what a great escape'. His solo work, described by Pitchfork as to 'smudge and slip between the boundaries of AM-gold country and the wry modern observations of rapscallions like Father John Misty' (spot on, by the way), is very, very good. Cosmic country for days like these.

I had missed that Dougie released a FAN FUCKING TASTIC original Christmas song last year, in which he 'brings together two country music traditions: the Christmas song and the tequila drinking ballad. The song tells the story of the morning after a Christmas party—when the presents have been opened, the bottles have been drained, and the friends have all gone home. It's looking like a long year until the holidays come around again.'

I heard Cancun Christmas Morning as the b-side to the (digital) single on Spotify that was released last week, a cover of 'Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas'. A song that sounds like it was written for mr Poole. The melancholy is enhanced thanks to the piano and the pedal steel guitar, and of course, that voice. I love that voice. If that voice was a country I'd go and live in it.

More Dougie? Listen to his brand new single, from his upcoming album, HERE.

Let me finish with a comment under one of his Christmas singles: 'I'm patient and I can wait, but the disappointment would be palpable if we don't get a Dougie Poole Christmas album sometime in the next decade...' I'd say, end of 2023 isn't too soon. Come on Dougie.