Saturday, December 10, 2022

Christmas on the beach with Y’a du monde à messe

Marie-Christine Depestre’s angelic voice leads the choir of the Québec television show Y’a du monde à messe on ‘Noël au soleil’, which will transport you to a sandy beach with a colourful cocktail in hand. In Québec, when you show up somewhere and it’s unexpectedly busy, you say, ‘Y’a du monde à messe!’ (‘There’s a lot of people at mass!’). It’s a Catholic-influenced expression that people will be saying again at Christmas parties this holiday season.

A real gift, the entire album ‘Juste après Novembre’ (‘Right after November) features nine songs, three of which are in English, with some typical bilingual bits. With a lush musical background, you’ll hear pop, gospel, soul, reggae, and traditional vibes throughout this album. It’s like one of those potluck Christmas parties with your favourite gang that’s always fun. Enjoy!