Saturday, December 17, 2022

A Truus Christmas

In the alternative music scene of the Netherlands Truus de Groot is a houshold name. She worked in bands like Nasmak and Plus Instruments. She now lives in the US but last november she had a residence for a couple of weeks in Rotterdam. Almost every year she comes up with a very original electronic Xmas track, plus a nice homemade video. This is what we wrote about her in the past. This year she has chosen a cover version. In her own words: "My take on one of my favorite Christmas songs ever written by Vince Guaraldi. Made famous in Snoopy's Christmas.  Video found on YouTube of the traditional USofA  inflatable (I call them deflatable) decor and all the joys it brings,  embellished by me. Happy Holidays!"
Just at the end of 2021 she also prepared a track., but under the moniker of Blue Beast, her duo with  Miguel Barella. It's an adapted version of 'Little Drummer Boy' dedicated to the famous street drummer Heintje Bondo who played for years on the streets of Eindhoven city centre, who died in 2021.