Sunday, December 11, 2022

Short Cuts

Another round up of very recent new tracks and cover versions:

The Grapes and Friends are an Austin, TX indie rock band created by smashing together members of Dangeresque, The Gorgeous Hands and Genuine Leather. Every year they release a sexy Christmas record, and they play one show in their hometown - that was yesterday. This new track is a sunny, boat drinks-ready funky jam with great guitar solo:
Louisville, Kentucky band Plague IX recorded an obnoxious, F-bomb filled punk rock track that we, naturally, have to post:
Young Rhyan Sinclair calls herself an 'alien, playing music in a human costume' comes highly recommended, and her 'cosmic Americana' single is high point on every Xmas mix:
A rockin' verions of Donde Esta Santa Claus? Here's one:
From New Zealand, a compilation with Christmas covers, and this version of Sufjan Stevens-song on (I guess) school instruments:
There are Christmas bloggers, and I know some, that HATE Blue Christmas. This blogger is not one of them, in fact, this reggae-plus-steelguitar version is kinda good:
An actor/singer who calls himself Johnny Goth, who makes a goth turn on, again, Blue Christmas. Can't be good, right? Well, it can. I love the chord progression: