Thursday, December 01, 2022

Ne Pas de Machine

If you're a frequent visitor of this blog through the years, you know we love(d) That Band from Holland. They're featured on this blog since 2009 (HERE) with their funny, clever, heavily accented tracks, switching musically between indierock, exotica and sad ballads.
Not sure what happened around 2017, but all of a sudden there were two bands: The Non Traditionals (TNT) and Ne Pas de Machine. TNT kept releasing Christmas EPs every year like clockwork, Ne Pas de Machine seemed less productive, but hey, this year they're releasing a new track! And as ever, the ole Band from Holland magic is sprinkled all over this like powdered sugar on an oliebol.

OK, so Michel just explained it to me. That Band from Holland is no more. Michel works uder several monikers: Ne Pas de Machine, Monsterbieb, Left Handed Orchestra and Stylophonic workshop - the latter released an instrumental Christmas album last year, THIS one.
Former TBFH-compadre Eric releases as St Polaroid (a trio), Vriend and the aforementioned The Non Traditionals.