Sunday, December 04, 2022

Le Bon

On Soundcloud since 7 years, on Spotify since 2018 but re-released there this year, and VERY new to me: this banger by Le Bon. Not so much a band as a studio project, they make early-80s infused pop songs (tailormade for tv-series), but this Christmas track is sum'thin else. This was made for a Starbucks commercial: It's Phil Spectorian loud, bells, horns, thumping bass, a howling organ and one hell of a hook. It's Ronnie Spector turned up to eleven. Love the voice of Carina Tinker in this as well. Music for commercials, sure, but nicely done:

One of the songwriters is AM, who you might now from his albums with Shawn Lee. He got his own Wikipedia as well.