Monday, December 05, 2022

Christmas on the Cheap

Guestpost time! Dan Fejes dug up this great track, and cleverly links to another one in this piece:

Here's a catchy little ditty from three years ago that flew under the radar of even esteemed Christmas music scavengers like our host. I found it on a Spotify playlist last year, and since I tend to keep a pretty long queue I didn't listen to it until this holiday season. Christmas on the Cheap by Calova is about being broke for the holidays. While it's always fun to be loaded with cash this time of year that's not always in the cards. Calova-singer Lori Kester uses a ukulele, accordion, upright bass and hand claps to put together a jaunty tune and lighthearted take on what might otherwise be a heavy subject.

Extra: I found an acoustic version of Christmas on the Cheap by one of the songwriters, on her Facebook. There is also a lyric video on youtube.