Friday, December 02, 2022

Hotel Books a.k.a. Cam Smith on Silent Night

The amount of Christmas releases is starting to pick up steam by now. Obligatory covers everywhere, but luckily enough surprising new tracks too. Festive, wild, funky and sentimental and many, many compilation albums. One is better than the other, but almost always there is something beautiful to discover. That's also the case on 'Happy Holidays, I Still Miss You', but one track towers over all the others: 'Christmas Eve Until I Leave' by Hotel Books. Cam Smith is a spoken-word poet and frontman of the band Hotel Books, really has something to say and sounds a little like the American equivalent of Mike Skinner from The Streets.

I loooove this track so much, the best Silent Night ever imho.
And don't forget to take a close look at the lyrics.

Partly this compilation was released earlier in 2016, but there are some tracks added for this years re-release. Click here for the full compilation.