Friday, December 09, 2022

Of Sun, Sheepdogs, Swirsky. And Ryan Curtis

Guestpost! Ton T55 (follow this guy's Spotify hotlist is you're into 60s & 70s tinged, guitar- and organ-driven music) on his recent finds:

There’s bands and artists that show up every single Christmas with some great new, fresh tracks. The usual suspects, so to speak, the bands that know how to create the perfect tune for the upcoming days of feast & reflection. And there are those that are newies on the Christmas scene. Artists that want to explore the sound of bells and whistles. Here are some of these new tracks popping up on the streamers.

First of all there’s Canadian boogiers The Sheepdogs who state that they’re ‘Ready for Christmas’: a brilliant classic rock track with a groovy rhythm that shows their love for Lowell George’s Little Feat. The track itself has all the necessary ingredients: sleigh bells, handclaps, a choir of surfer-angels, dualing guitars, a piano that honks and tonks, and a Hammond organ doing what it’s supposed to do: blasting the band together. Time to party!

EDIT: Wait a second...isnt' that one guy from The Sheepdogs also part of totally brilliant Christmas project Bros? YES, he sure is!

Then there’s musician/author/artist Seth Swirsky, with his highly infectious ‘Christmas Eve’. It’s a moody track that features Beach Boys’ey vocals and choir - with lots of Ooohh’s & wahhhh’s, sixties surf-guitar and a bit of Spector thrown in for good measure. Based on a true story about his night with Eve, the woman he met at a Christmas party. A glorious track that should ride high on the Tops if only it received a well-earned dose of airplay on the radio. [Bandcamp link]

Next up: Ryan Curtis, who is ‘Too Broke To Go Home For Christmas’. That's what the blues will do to you. Ryan will be spending Christmas on his own, missing his family and his girl. Money, that’s what he wants. Luckily he brought a guitar and a whiskey-drenched voice to tell us all about it.
Last in line: Forest Sun. Forest wishes us a ‘Merry Christmas, Everyone’. Singer-songwriter stuff, that lacks a bit of party but gains a lot of happiness. Home is where the heart is and this song is sweet as candy. Or smooth as butter. Whatever you dig. A little bit of jazz, a touch of r&b, a pinch of pop: sometimes it sounds like a folky Bublé. But Forest has his tree planted in homely ground - where his mum and dad raised him on a diet of Jackson Browne, Townes Van Zandt and Elizabeth Cotton.