Saturday, December 10, 2022

California Christmas (2)

One of the many cool things about Christmas music, is that you (easily) can make playlists of a wide variety of artist by choosing a theme. Not only a great way to get to know different artists, the hunt for specific songs is also nice, and so is usually the outcome. Earlier, I made blogposts of Xmas songs about getting socks (HERE), Christmas drinking songs (HERE), COVID-themed Xmas (HERE) and Christmas songs that take place not in December (HERE).

And now about Christmas in California, instigated by CAGG friend Judy Blank and her wonderful California Christmas song.

There are many songs about spending Christmas under the sun (this 24 carat classic springs to mind), and those tracks and songs about Xmas in Cali usually have the same outcome: Christmas calls for snow, cold weather, warm sweaters and roast dinners, and that just doesn't match with palm trees, sandy beaches and string bikinis. It's just not Christmas at the beach.
That said, Texas-based James Michael Taylor (so, not THAT James Taylor) wrote this touching song about spending Christmas time in the Mojave desert, mom and dad trying to make things as festive as possible in the heat:
Also very much in favour of spending Xmas on the Westcoast is this song, from a very nice Christmas album by Switchfoot:
Not very much in favour of spending the season in Cali, but hoping for the best, is this beautiful ballad by Matt Dorrien (posted here earlier):
Very fun, is this 'Rockin' around the Christmas tree'-like big band rocksong by Olivia Rox. From 2019, but part of her cool Xmas album that was released this year.
A very dark song, this duet by PJ Harding and Noah Cyrus, in the vein of The Civil Wars (also a duo): Oh, the church bells are ringing on Sunset/But the preachers got nothing to say/If it turns out we all/Just weren't worth dying for/ Well, at least we got snow in LA
One of the strongest new songs, from a VERY nice seasonal EP by Kadhja Bonet. This evens sounds very Westcoast, it reminds me of 'Our Lives Our Shaped By What We Love' by Odessey:
Honey-voiced Ash Reiter wrote this twangin' cool song about longin' and waitin'(earlier posted here):
Solo single by a guy called Rev. Vince Anderson, who channeled his inner Tom Waits in this song. I don't think it's a parody: Blogpost Part 1 is HERE. A Spotify playlist you want? HERE


Jim said...

Cynthia Dall put a dark spin on this way back in 1996:

And for those who like it upbeat, Sleepy Rebels nailed it:

Guuzbourg said...

Thanks Jim, might do a third post and I will include these.