Sunday, December 04, 2022


If you play this track by S.Lois on Spotify, the algorhythm takes over and plays First Rodeo, Gillian Welch, Annie Dressner and more likeminded spirits.
It's the banjo, probably. The bluegrass spirit. The cowboy Christmas spirit. S. Lois (Wijtze Valkema to the city council) and his merry band o' brothers do love the ole southern folk(s) music, he'd add Maybelle Carter, Johnny Cash, Sara Jarosz and Kris Dever to the list of inspirational artists.

You might find that strange from a guy from the North-East of Holland, but if you've wandered the moors of Drenthe, you'd see that there are a lot of comparisons with the deep American South: farmland, (once) dirt poor inhabitants, lots of fairytales and myths, and a penchant for the blues. EXCELLENT fertile ground for Christmas songs, no?

Tis not the first time S.Lois was featured here, in 2021 he made quite an impression with his English version of an olde Dutch Christmas carol:
And if we'd only knew, we could've posted this Christmas version too:

And yes, S.Lois is ALSO part of the parade of GRRRREAT artists to join our first Christmas A Go Go Spectacular in Paradiso, Amsterdam! Details HERE

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