Thursday, December 29, 2022

In between days (2)

Second post of songs for the days between Christmas and the new year; a time for winter-y tracks, end of year laments, snow-covered songs. In the first blogpost (HERE) I featured suggestions from readers, mostly British folksy tracks. Here are some Dutch tracks. Spotify playlist with more tracks HERE.
Kicking off with this, also folksy song by Bertolf, you can hear the snow falling when you please these beauty (there is a Wintertime #2 also, HERE):
A suggestion by CAGG-writer Marqui, this seasonal sensation by Ricky Koole, a recurring fave here on the blog (HERE. Song is called 'Alles Stil', transl. "All quiet", and basically it's about the sobriety that a stroll in the snow brings:
On this blog, A Balladeer is best known for his still brilliant Christmas album (HERE), but this intense track from his Panama-album is very wintery, very sad and very good:
G.T. Thomas is American, but lives in Amsterdam for a long time now so she's Dutch too. Lovely arranged song:
From 1973, written by Boudewijn de Groot (Holland's answer to Bob Dylan) and Lennaert Nijgh, this is a Christmas song without mentioning Christmas, the baby Jesus or anything. It's VERY end of the year. This is about travelling in the cold, with a star in your hand. Totally forgotten about this song, what a gem: