Monday, December 19, 2022

Alpine Subs

Guestpost time! Tis Ton @T55 again, on Alpine Subs:

Now there’s a surprise: it’s Chicago’s Alpine Subs: a band known for its wonderful jangly, slightly psychedelic popsongs with a classic sixties feel. They made a couple of great albums since they started in 2019, the last one, Through The Blinds, released early this year. But they’re certainly not known for their Christmas songs.
So all of a sudden there’s the lovely ‘Over Wichita’. Funny things happen there in the sky, apparently. “It’s late and all my family sleeps / I’m wide awake, counting sheep / Where I jump with every noise / He’s on his way, bringing toys”.
‘Santa sleigh and reindeer run a million miles an hour’, so it’s only a matter of time before Santa lands on the roof and the presents find their way to the final destination. Can’t be long now, ‘cause ‘they saw you over Wichita’.
It’s a tune that slowly settles itself into your musical mind and won’t go away. A sweet song that’s free to get and, as such, a nice 3.23 minutes long christmas present by the Subs themselves.