Monday, December 05, 2022

Folky from Sweden

 In the past we wrote quite a lot about the Swedish singer songwriter Sofia Talvik. Look here. She likes to combine folk and pop with her mostly accoustical instruments. She has a special look on Christmas and every year she writes a Christmas song. In here own words she also adds: "And for you who are not a fan of Christmas music, rest assured as usual my Christmas singles are very un-Christmassy. Take a listen before you dismiss it :)"  Her 2022 song is about a snowman. Is it a figment of imagination or a real person?:

      Most of her Christmas music 
leans towards a darker side of Christmas. This is her 2021 tune, a rather soothing tale of lost love and memories of a snow covered Copenhagen, with unfortunately no moving images.  

Here is her 2020 song, un beautiful black and white, with overfilled hospitals, wildfires raging California and hurricanes blasting through Puerto Rico: