Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Christmas Sex

So, leave it to Jim/Christmas Underground to find this track by Ari Mason from 2018, 'Christmas Sex'. Peaches is namechecked, to give you an idea how Ari sounds. It's pretty full frontal. And it's pretty fantastic, too.
Lyric sample: 'gonna fuck right like it’s christmas/fucking real good like it’s christmas/joy to the world, bitch/fuck it all to pieces'.
Not for the faint-hearted, indeed, but we LIVE for this. There's a video too.

Do check out Ari Masons extensive body of work, if you like pulsating pop-electronica.

This made me think, what are other good tracks about sex and Christmas? There's the seductive Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt (and a gazillion wannabe's), there's the even more seductive Julie London. There is of course that naughty Back Door Santa. Or that Santa that Wants Some Lovin'.
But if you leave out all the innuendo, if you wanna deliver the message straight up, there is of course this long standing classic:
But wait, there is more. I made a Spotify playlist (HERE), but will add songs here to:
Get your candlewax, get ready for some pegging
What Mrs. Claus is doing with all those elves that are left behind when Santa's gone? Well...
Candye Kane and Country Dick know what to do in bed during Christmas time:
This legendary album is great, this innuendo-filled song is too:
A queer, very upfront Christmas song you want?
Funny, clever:
Also funny and clever:
Powerslut, that sound loud'n hard, but actually, this songs is as explicit as it is tender:
Right to the point:
The allmighty SABERTOOTH UNICORN steamin' things up:
Bunny makes Eartha Kitt's Santa Baby very NSFW;
Also very unsafe, this gay anthem from 2018:
They re-released it as 'Taylor's Version' this year:
In dubio, should I post Sabrina Claudio's Short Red Silk Lingerie, from her Christmas album, or....this one:
The great Pansy Division, this is a classic (and it's VERY explicit)
And to top it off, from a very good & funny Christmas album, this hairmetal pastiche:
EXTRA: yes, thanks Jim, here's Shawn Lee:


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