Saturday, December 24, 2022

So-Fi's Nieuwe Kersthit

Had you been early at the Amsterdam Paradiso, on our Christmas A Go Go Spectacular, you could've witnessed (Christmas) star in the making So-Fi, who opened the evening with her short, highly charming, creative Dutch kerstliedjes. The videos for those songs, are DIY-diamonds.
So-Fi played her new track on stage, and now, after a lot of hard work, the video's ready too, for all to enjoy. Couldn't think of a better Christmas gift. The Dutchies were ON A ROLL this year when it came to Xmas music. It's so wonderful to see that the youngsters are still enchanted by Christmas music:

For all ye non-Dutch speaking visitors: the song is called 'Zonder lichtjes' (Without Lights) and is a pro-Christmas and pro-lights song, So-Fi is singing that she'd rather eat Xmas dinner alone if there are no lights in the trees. But at the end she confesses that, of course, the best way to celebrate the season is with the whole family. And to have Dutch Xmas songs so much on a blog that is visited mostly by non-Netherlanders isn't that odd, since Clean Pete's 'Gloria' album made it to #6 on Rolling Stones Best Christmas Album of the Year list (remember?). Tis the spirit, no?

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