Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Christmas in the synthesizer age

Evripidis and his Tragedies reached out via e-mail, to let us know he had two original Christmas songs that needed more exposure. Here's one on Bandcamp. This is on Youtube, and a highlight from three years ago; To overcome heartbreak, the singer asks Santa for a synth:

Christmas & Synthesizers, that's not an uncommon combination. Of course, there are many Xmas songs played on a synth. But ABOUT hitting those keys for kristmas...Well, take this track from 2021, for instance, about Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy) and an old synth: Let’s plug it into this extension cord/Flip the power switch and now it’s on!
Of course, a post about Xmas 'n synths isn't complete without this stone-cold classic from last year:
Talk about stone-cold classics, here's another one (from 2013):
A charming home-made cover version of the Hyperbubble track:
This is also a goodie: