Wednesday, December 07, 2022


We're not frugal when it comes to praise on this blog, but when it's about SABERTOOTH UNICORN, we have no holds barred. That's why we use all capital letters when it comes to this band, who first blipped on our radar back in 2020, when they released their Hail Santa EP. The next year, they played our hearstrings with that tearful ballad (plus a whole lot more).
And now, you ask? What has THE TOOTH (as we like to call them, lovingly) in store for us? Well, I think the only right description of the first track of their new album would be 'The Stairway to Heaven of Alternative Christmas Music'. Or mabye 'The Santastic Bohemian Rhapsody'.
It's over nine minutes long. It nods to John Lennon. To Queen. They sing about vikings. About heaven and the stars. There sounds the sound of a yacht-y saxophone. There are flutes. All out heavy rock. And an outro that just won't stop.
It makes you wonder. Ooooh. It makes you wonder. Or, in their own words:
It's retelling of the true story of how the great warrior Santa Claus lost in battle to sir Jesus of Christ. Then banished to ye North Pole with a witch and elves. He has since been plotting his return to earth to end life as we know it and win the human race!

And that is just the first song. On the rest of the album: sex, murder, Willie Nelson, mental problems, and the economy, stupid. And surf's up!

It's a SABERTOOTH UNICORN world people, we're just living.


Anonymous said...

Great review!