Friday, December 23, 2022

Short Cuts

Update of recent finds, songs too good NOT to hear before the end of Christmas:
Death Hags was featured on this blog with her brilliant, fuzzy-sultry Frozen Santa, now she has a new seasonal EP with four songs. This track is very suitable for our Christmas in Space theme:
We don't feature that much hiphop on this blog, alas, but this track is cool:
The 23rd (incredible!) Arbor Christmas compilation is out, featuring recurring faves like The Not Fur Longs (good song!) and Mark Martucci (mediocre ballad). Highlights are the gruff, fuzzy tracks by The Only Ghost in Town and JB (big Jesus & Mary Chain vibes!), but this big stadium rock track (think Cheap Trick) is the prize:
Not a Christmas song, more of a seasonal rocker, STORMER I should say, this fiery red track by Holland's finest garage rock band Traumahelikopter: Geen Zon translates as 'No Sun', and singer Mark is telling us there's no sun, no light, which is exactly what's going on at the moment. When he sings 'Ik krijg geen lucht' ('I get no air') he MUST be referring to choking on a turkey bone at Xmas dinner, no? Wake Up & Smell the Sun, maker of great Christmas music, is retiring from making great Christmas music. Or so he says. He cleared his closet, and presents songs that are just too good not to share. Like this elevating track: