Friday, December 16, 2022

Noël in the 1990s

'Noël, c'est l'amour' ('Christmas is love'), an album by classic Québec party band Boum Ding Band features favourites and traditional classics, humour, Christmas family party noise, and lots of funky pop rock. There's a cover of Les Classels' 'Le sentier de neige' ('The snow trail'), a song that has been covered for at least half a century and gaining appreciation in non-francophone circles. Great Canadian actor Donald Pilon even shows up at the door on Christmas and introduces one of the songs (just imagine the equivalent in your own culture). There's also some impromptu organ played by someone's aunt that really feel like you've walked into a Québec Christmas party.

For the advanced class, there's nods to the weirdest Québec Christmas song 'Y Neige' ('It's snowing')(1979) from Les Frères Brosse, where a guy 'pops some little smarties' and sees the snow in all kinds of colours and wants to play spin the bottle with his female cousin Claire. I wrote about this song 12 years ago to the day on this blog.

I've chosen an easy-to-digest song 'Nous allons nous amuser' ('We're going to have fun'), which highlights the vibe of this entire album. If ever you have any questions about the French here, feel free to ask me in the comments! Tiens ta tuque, on y va !