Thursday, December 15, 2022

Christmas in Space (3)

Yes, a THIRD (One, Two) post with Christmas songs taking place somewhere in space. This time stuff that I found on Bandcamp. Incomplete yet fun Spotify playlist HERE.

Charming ramshackle song by Deth Elfs, who want Santa to send some sweet boys over from Mars:
Quite catchy, funky track by OCNotes
When the Elite tries to escape Earth to get closer to the man in red, Christmas Jug Band is there to write a song about it
How could we forget this Lowlands classic:
Lo-fi, fun song about moonrock in your stockings
Do they know it's Christmas time in space?
Rockabilly tune about Santa catching comets by the tails
Oooh you know I would find this Bowie-rework
Another re-work, this is Norman Greenbaum taken to infinity and beyond
On old, not faded fave
A sweet cover of The Lennon Sisters:
From 2022, this sultry plea for a trip to a snowy planet:
From 2023, spending Xmas alone on the moon: