Saturday, December 03, 2022

The Voltz

Glam rock, we've said it before, is perfect for Christmas season. It's festive, the chorusses are perfect for singalongs, usually the good sides of the feast are highlighted. On this blog, we've featured old & new glam Xmas HERE, and recently HERE.
Today, somebody pointed me to The Voltz. This lot from Sheffield (UK) have a single called 'Glitterbomb', which tells you all you need to know. The handclaps, the riffs, the chorus, the spacey synths, the 'break the rules' lyrics, it's all there. From their Bandcamp bio: 'Said to be beautifully damaged in their formative years by an environment of public information films, dystopian tv series and warm Tizer. The scars are deep yet provide a life force of creativity to inspire and provide relief to the members and other sufferers of decade displacement. Come frolic with us through glamorous experiments in gore, farce and radioactive mind melds. It's frothy man!'
Speaking of frothiness: The Voltz' Christmas single sounds like the sum of all good things glitter. That boogie rhythm, the riffs, the singalong choir, the nod to great glam-sounds of yore ('stamp your feet'). So here it is, in full make up glory: