Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Shybits ft. Eddie Argos

When the bio talks about "Berlin-based post punk garage rock", interest is quickly aroused. Shybits is a multicultural trio with members from England, South Africa and Italy and today they have teamed up with Art Brut's singer, Eddie Argos to release a fresh, snotty and especially very British Christmas song as if they have never done anything else before.

Shybits Insta

Not the first time Eddie Argos was featured on a Christmas song with (mostly) German musicians:

The Heck (again)

In 2021, we had our ears shot to oblivion by the rawking sound of Klazienaveen proud boys, The Heck. Now, they release a bright 'n shiny vinyl 7-inch with Bad Christmas, and two new tracks. One's on Bandcamp, the other one only on Spotify, oddly enough (will keep checking). This is ESSENTIAL stuff if you like yer Xmas songs dirty 'n damp. If you want that 7-inch, you gotta be quick tho!

Wisconsin Christmas compilation

'All proceeds from this album will be donated to The Milwaukee Rescue Mission to help in their effort to provide people with food/shelter/basic needs throughout the year.' That alone is good reason to buy this big compilation, but what's really great is there are some real gems on this versatile (metal to rap to introspective folk) comp. Aside from the covers (love that Christmas Eve Can Kill You version), these are some original highlights (some were released earlier):
John E. Swan, aka Dead Dead Swans, sounds like a down-and-out-Bruce Springsteen, and if he sings that you should not take the tree down because he's coming home, you know he's serious:
Powerpop trio Faux Fiction bluesin' their way through a tale about the reason why Santa did not bother takin' the trip to your stocking:
Christmas on the junkyard with Reynaldo Jenkins and the hailgurglin' voice of Steezy Wonder, yee-haw:
Reynaldo Jenkins is als responsible for this fantastic rawking Xmas track from 2014: 'Fuck the snow, I want some coke'

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Carol Ades

If there's a theme in the year's Christmas songs, it's that most are sung by singer-songwriters, that they sing folksy midtempo/slow tracks with personal lyrics. Fewer loud rockin' tracks than earlier, fewer weird/odd tracks. OK, so it's not even December yet, might be too early to call, but I'd say this year's batch is more mainstream than before. Jury's still out if that's a downside to the popularity of Christmas tracks. This blog thrives by odd-sized Xmas songs from the leftfield crop, so I'm not overly excited by this turn of events.
Which does not mean we can't cheer for a more mainstream, or should I say in this case: a gorgeous and solid Christmas track, especially when it's (in her own words, a 'Jewish Christmas vision'. Carol Ades sings about a family Christmas get-together with her 'newish lover', doing Christmas-y things:
Chevy Chase
Is driving on the screen
This snow makes New York feel like a small town
It's only been a few years since I came out
With you
I've never felt so me

I'd say 'Two queens in a king size bed' by girl in red is still the bestest queer Christmas song out there, if you allow an 50+ year old white heterosexual man to say this, but this track by Carol Ades, the way it's sung, the production - it touches a nerve, it really does. I'm not doubting for a second this song is very close to Carol's real life, and I feel happy for her while listening to it.

what christmas means

They call themselves ‘Garage rockers with a modern twist and shout’, Minneapolis trio Beebe Gallini. They have released a beautiful looking 7 inch flexidisc. With their own catchy and raw ‘You Ain't Getting Nothin’ and  a cover of ‘(That's) What Christmas Means To Me’. You might recognise that title.
This one is co-written, probably in the mid-sixties, by Anna, sister of Tamla Motown founder Berry Gordy and former wife of Marvin Gaye. You can order the Beebe Gallini single in various formats, even as a double single. Most of the formats includes a couple of extra download X-mas tracks. Have a look at their Bandcamp
'What Christmas Means To Me' has been recorded a lot. Best known version is from Stevie Wonder (1967). But also people like Paul Young, Hanson and Darlene Love have covered it. A recent version is by Gaia (december 2021).

Here are two other songs with a similar title: The Biscuit Brothers (2007) and Eddie Fisher (1952)

By the way: Beebe Gallini's guest vocalist Cindy Lawson released her own Christmas single as well this year, featuring an Orchids cover and this original:
If you order the Beebe Gallini flexi, you get a free download from these two Lindy Lawson tracks.

Santa Sorry

So we had the glitzy, religion criticizing showtune by Rocky Paterra earlier, and now this. This is as glitzy, as showy, but with weirder lyrics, 'in partnership with Baileys', and a freakin' OHRWURM as they say in Germany - a hookline you can catch a whale with. Both singers are based in Germany, it's basically Scissor Sisters with kraut & wurst added. I warn ya, you cannot get this out of your head for days:

What the HELL are these guys singing in the chorus?! 'Santa Sorry, I was naughty. How can I get off your lips/lists(??) Tell me what I have to kiss' (???) And that other line, does it go: 'Santa promise/I'll be your goddess/I just wanna take it slow/underneath the mistletoe' ??? Enlighten me. And if they do sing this - what are they on?!

Drenched in surf and xmas with The Surfrajettes

They describe themselves as a Psychedelic Surfing Combo, the Toronto Canada based Surfrajettes. And with "eyeliner as thick as their guitar strings" the four gals play us a festive new instrumental called 'Marshmallow March' and a neat version of (and here it is for the first time this year at CAGG) 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'... But don't let that put you off, and listen to these awesome tracks to get into a real good retro Christmas surf mood. The fantastic artwork will do the rest.

The Surfrajettes Twitter & Insta

Monday, November 28, 2022

A Very South Bay Xmas

Christmas time is charity time. A Very South Bay Xmas isn't just only a fine Christmas compilation album, it also raises money for the Love Like Lexi Foundation to "overcome childhood cancer with the power of LOVE", for the second year in a row now.
Featuring artists are MEGG, Chloe Fredericks, Mack Ogden, Kailynn West, V TORRES and Glow & the Dark with this lovely indie-pop track:

So go over there (and donate) for this years' second edition. Again only originals. 
And don't forget to check out on the first edition from 2021 with loads of great original Christmas tracks too, such as this one by V TORRES: 

Sunday, November 27, 2022

So here it is, Merry Xmas Covers, Everybody

November 7th 2023 (EDIT: turns out it's December 7th) marks the 50th anniversary of 'Merry Xmas Everybody', a Christmas Glamrock Classic if there ever was one. Played by Slade, set into greatness by the pipes of the beloved Noddy Holder, it's been inescapable around Xmas season since it's release. And rightly so - it's fun, it's a singalong, there's bells, it's got an incredible hook, it's not that loud so it fits any program/playlist.

I dove in the cover versions, and found out that most stay close to the original, sometimes with an added jazzy touch like in this version by Jamie Cullum & Robbie Williams, or they tried to take it down to a soft ballad.
I'm all for turning a song inside out when you cover it, but somehow, downsizing 'Merry Xmas Everybody' just (example).
I say; It's better to fire up the energy, emphasize the singalong part, make it as rawkous as possible.
Here are a few remarkable versions, kickin' off with the bestest (from 2020), in my opinion. Fast, LOUD, high octane (and altered, more snotty lyrics, LOVE IT, love the break, it's fantastic):
Second best, this sterling version that starts quiet, gets in a lo-fi Northern soul vibe and then EXPLODES:
Altered lyrics, you want? What a great version this (still) is, from 2017:
Posted here earlier in 2014, still good and energetic:
In the same vein, with some great rockabilly FX (2021):
Deep boomin' voice & wall of sound version (2021):
Skankin' on Slade. Yep, possible (from 2015):
Rancid Sheep set out in 2021 to make a bluuuuuurrrghhh-ingly ugly version, and passed with flying colours:
From the famed Snowflakes 45 series from 2020, this electronic, Pet Shop Boys-y version:
Not loud, piano-driven, I love the theatrical way it's sung, from 2019:
So indie-rock (think Feelies) it almost sounds like a parody, from 2013:
These guys made it sadder:
Did I miss a good, turned inside-out version? Please comment! Made a Spotify playlist with what I could find from this list, plus extras, HERE
From the comments, this haunting version by KIDS Alstarz from 2006:

Snowflakes Single Club 2022

The yearly Snowflakes 45s are up on Bandcamp, and of course, this great initiative (release two or three exclusive vinyl singles eery season) needs to be promoted here.
This year, songstress Annie Jay wrote a sweet, warm 'n tender (yet sad) song about Christmas memories. She also covered Blue Christmas, but this original is the best side:
To quote the website: 'California folk singer Annie Jay remembers how special Christmas mornings were to her as a child. It was a magical moment. When she got older, the mystery of Christmas slowly disappeared. But not everything is gone. There is still the gathering together with loved ones every Christmas. And there are still children who wake up on Christmas morning and feel the same excitement that she felt when she once felt as a child. Annie Jay sings it all in a soft and sweet voice that is very easy to fall in love with and accompanies herself with the instrument that she fell in love with: the banjo.'
From Germany, sisters-in-electronica Donna Regina wrote an original and made a cover - we dig the cover version of this Polish band.
From the site: ‘Christmas With You’, the B-side of the single, was originally written and recorded by Polish indie band Old Time Radio for their 2009 Christmas album 'Sketches For Another Christmas Songbook'. Donna Regina again goes for a minimalistic electronic sound, but also adds a certain melancholy to the song. Partly due to the synths that in places resemble the sound of an organ, an instrument that appeared on so many Christmas recordings from the 1950s and early 1960s. The love-hate relationship many people have with Christmas is perfectly laid down in the lyrics: “We watch the cartoons / We sing out of tune / Kiss by the fireplace / Listen to those horrible songs / Do we know / It’s Christmas time at all?”.

The Boy Least Likely To

Ever since this brilliant track, duo The Boy Least Likely To need to be on this blog, every year. And their seasonal song doesnt' disappoint (do they ever?). Sad, slighty hopeful, a nice nod to an old Xmas classic (this one), it's all you hope for.

New Ron (2022)

One of the highlights from 2020, New Ron's 'Christmas, Man' got remastered and put on the streaming services. It does sound (slightly) better than the earlier version. It's a nice reminder, in any way, for a Raspberries/Zombies-like, sunny harmony song.

And they posted an acoustc version as well:

Saturday, November 26, 2022

It's the most productive time of the year

Is there such a thing as being too early with your Christmas song?
In all honesty, maybe Fictional Colours on Jan. 04 of this year were a little bit on the early side after all. But there's nothing wrong with October, Dr. BLT! Especially not when it involves such a great laid-back and cheerful singer songwriter caribbean feel xmas track. In fact, this one goes straight into my favorites of this year!
'Too Early for this Christmas Song' is not the only new song with which Dr. BLT delights us, there are two more, 'Trucker Troy's Truck Full of Christmas Toys' and 'Hail, Sleet and Hank Snow'. I would like to add Hail Dr. BLT!

But Dr. BLT's productivity when it comes to this year's Christmas doesn't end with 'It's too early...'. On November 11th he released three more Christmas tracks and on top of that yesterday an entire album with seven new Christmas tracks. Check Spotify for that.
Time to sit still for a moment by a cracking fire Dr.! 

Dr. BLT Twitter & Insta


Hugo van de Poel, best known here on this blog as the mighty Stippenlift, is to Christmas season what a lost glove is to your hands: one stays snug and warm, the other must endure the weather (read: life) mercilessly. The synthesized music by Stippenlift feels cold, his voice is the bright, comforting heating system.
And that is also the case in this new seasonal track, as good as earlier offerings. Stippenlift promises to stay with you this month, what could be the last December, 'want nu het Kerst is, is het gevoel zo echt' ('The feeling's real whilst it's Christmas'). Doom and gloom, exactly the ingredients we need from Stippenlift.

Stippenlift has his own Xmas Spectacular in Paradiso Amsterdam, on December 23.

Pop goes Noël - Amay Laoni

Like many Québec artists during the early covid days, pop singer and songwriter Amay Laoni did a lot of live recordings from her home studio, showcasing her great voice. But unlike many Québec artists, Laoni wrote songs for established local bands such as 2Frères, Jérôme Couture and Marc Dupré as well as started her own record label, Oblik, before actually performing herself.

Laoni has a six-song Christmas album from 2021 called 'Hymne' ('Hymn') with many delightfully different songs in French and in English because that’s how they roll in Montréal.

My pick is 'C’est fort, c’est Noël' (roughly 'It's truly Christmas'), the most upbeat offering. However, be sure to check out all the songs on this album, ranging from a dancefloor banger to a more intimate piano and voice affair.

Are you getting a Whitney Houston/Lionie Ritchie vibe? OMG, me too!

Friday, November 25, 2022

South African Christmas

Somehow we overlooked The Parlotones two years ago, but this project is too much fun to leave unmentioned. And besides, we don't have South African Christmas on the menu that often. The Parlotones hail from Johannesburg and are an indie rock band in everyday life, but in 2020 they were a Christmas combo during 12 songs.
Eight covers, including a very notable one by German schlager singer Udo Jürgens. The Parlotones turned 'Sänger in Ketten' into a Christmas song, sung in South African language: 'Kyk Hoe Glinster Die Maan' (See the moon shine brightly).
'Strike The Harp' became a surprisingly great album with four brand new original xmas tracks on top of that too!

The Parlotones Twitter & Insta

Santa Smith

You might not immediately expect goths underneath the Christmas tree. At most ín it perhaps, but upside down. The supreme goths of The Cure have therefore never ventured into a real Christmas song. Okay, there's one song that could pass for a Christmas track, but the typical Christmas spirit is pretty far away in 'Last Dance'.
And yet, on Dec. 9, 1987, for once they couldn't resist the Christmas call and played a cover of Slade's Christmas classic 'Merry Xmas Everybody' at Wembley Arena as their very last song on that tour.
Tonight, 35 years later, they play in front of 18,000 fans in Amsterdam and guess which former eighties goth is among them?
So, for old times sake: see y'all tonight, you bunch of bats!

The Cure - Merry Xmas Everybody (streaming) or
The Cure - Merry Xmas Everybody (mp3) 

Although he has had no official Christmas releases in his role as lead singer of The Cure, Robert Smith did record a Christmas track during his membership of Siouxsie & The Banshees in 1982. 'Il est né, le divin Enfant' (He is born, the divine Child) is a traditional French Christmas carol and was posted earlier on the blog here


01-12-22 (update)
Today the blogfather Guuzbourg pointed me out to these lines from 'Let's Go to Bed':
You think you're tired now
But wait until three...
Laughing at the Christmas lights
You remember
From December

As you can read over there, this track was written by Robert Smith as a reaction on the dark Pornography period the band came from. "... I wanted to get rid of all that. I didn’t want that side of life anymore; I wanted to do something that’s really kind of cheerful...".
It might not have led to a Christmas track, it's curious enough to not mention it here. Laughing at the Christmas lights. Nothing human is foreign to him.  

The Cure Twitter & Insta

Judy Blank covers Blue Christmas

We had the scoop on Judy Blanks' first self-written Christmas song, the beautiful 'California Christmas' in this blog post last week.
Today she also shares a cover with the world of 'Blue Christmas'. And although it's been done hundreds of times before, not many can do it as beautifully as Judy does it and that's why, without hesitation, we feature it here.

Judy Blank Twitter & Insta

Boston Spaceships

Is this an undiscovered gem, an alt Xmas classic not yet acknowledged as an alt Xmas gem? Thanks to Lars/Hunter Complex (xmas!), I found out about about Christmas Girl by Boston Spaceships. Since Lars is a big Guided By Voices-fan, it was probably a matter of time before he pointed me to this TOTALLY FANTASTIC BRILLIANT song.
I checked on several other Christmas blogs, this track from 2011 has only one hit on Hype Machine, so with the exception of the All Seein' Christmas Eye of Stubby (but I can't check, Martin may respond) I guess we all missed this one. The fuzz, the lyrics, all these videos - what I can trace back is that they had a contest, the first video won, and the others just put them online.
By the way, on the album, the Boston Spaceships trio got help on their last album (featuring this song) from J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Colin Newman (Wire), Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), Mick Collins (The Dirtbombs), Dave Rick (Phantom Tollbooth), and Mitch Mitchell (Guided by Voices). Mind, blown.

Another Rotten Christmas

Bright Kelly is an author, poet and lead singer of The Great Enough, a Philadelphia alt-rock group. His solo work is somewhat different, more like lo-fi alternative pop. However this one's a precious and solid piano-driven ballad; Another Rotten Christmas and this time it's not even his fault. 

Bright Kelly Twitter & Insta

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Vista Blue

Vista Blue is a recurring band on this blog, they have a massive output and they luuuuuurve the seasonal songs. For their new Christmas EP they recorded three tracks: a KMart xmas commercial, a song based on the classic movie-line "Why is the carpet all wet, Todd', from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. And a cover of Debbie & The Darnells 'Santa Teach Me To Dance.' That song was covered by others, as you can see in this earlier blogpost, HERE.

Even more on the yuletide at KMart in this Christmas A Go Go post from 2009:
Xmas At KMart 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

I wanna be your Santa

Pastiche-rockers The Krayolas follow a long line of Ramones-themed Christmas songs (more on that later) with their take on I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend. Krayolas' I Wanna Be Your Santa is a tad more polished than the Noo Yawk-punkrockers original.

A few years ago Krayolas tex-mexed this Rudolph-classic:

As said, Ramones are highly inspirational when it comes to Christmas songs. Of course, they wrote their own classic (see HERE), but hey ho let's go back to these versions:

No clue what they're on about, but the song and the title are great:
Bring back Joey Ramone! If only. But what a cool song:
EDIT: thanks to Jon Solomon (great blog!) I found more Ramones-themed xmas songs:

This phenomenal track by Sarita & The Happy Elves from 2012 is a great heartbreaking punk rock song about missing someone and playing the Ramones (and Damned, Pistols and Dead Boys) records the guy left behind:

Christmas for my enemies

To whom it may concern: 💙
(and allright, there you go, merry Christmas)

Jesus blood

Sometimes a song title is just enough to get a song feature here. I mean, 'Jesus' Blood is the Red Part of your Candy Cane', how can we NOT post that? The song, by actor/comedian Rocky Paterra, sounds like a Mika-track, very theatrical. Which is nice. Rocky wrote a holiday album in 2019, this one.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Scaly Dave

I'm stealing this from the Washington Post, an op-ed piece on Thanksgiving Songs:

Every store and every street,
Every reindeer that you meet,
Thanksgiving takes a clear back seat.
But why? There’s pies! They’re delicious!

This rousing protest anthem about the fact that it is not Christmas yet sadly never charted or entered the popular memory, because it was released the same year as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” But it has retained a cult following among those who are annoyed that we give Turkey Day short shrift.
This was supposed to be the single for Scaly Dave’s “This Is Not a Christmas Album,” but record executives were confused by the concept of an album that was not a Christmas album but also wasn’t a regular album. The remaining 11 songs, all of which were about how much Scaly Dave hated Christmas music and the whole Christmas season, did not help. When the record executives suggested that, technically, it was kind of a Christmas album, just a negative one, Scaly Dave went to a mountain and locked himself inside.
In 2005, Constantine Maroulis performed “It’s Not Christmas Yet!” on “American Idol.”

Of course, it's a joke. There is no Scaly Dave, all the songs for the piece get proper credits at the end, writer Alexandra Petri is in on the joke. She wrote a hilarious (if dead wrong) list of 100 best Christmas songs too.

Orchestre Tropicana - Jwaye Nowe!

Orchestre Tropicana from Haiti, a national institution, have produced more than 50 years worth of music in Haitian creole and French. Luckily for the yuletide crowd, they’ve also released at least five Christmas songs that will warm up your playlist.

Much like other French-speaking countries, Haitians celebrate the ‘réveillon’, which is eating a feast after midnight mass on December 24th, which continues early Christmas Day. Generally, Christmas Day is about taking it easy and letting the kids play with their toys.

Chantons La Noël from 2010 (‘Let’s sing about Christmas’), welcomes Jesus into the world.

Bonne Année (2010)(‘Happy New Year’), wishes Happy New Year family and friends.

24 Décembre (2022)(‘December 24th) sings about Father Christmas bringing gifts. This live version is very much about Orchestre Tropicana’s fun performance.

Vive Noël (1975)(‘Long live Christmas’) is about celebrating Christmas with singing and dancing.

Nwèl La Rive (197?)(‘Christmas is coming’) tells it like it is: 'Whether it's hot, whether it's cold, every country is celebrating’.

Christmas will ease the pain

Sometimes Christmas will ease the pain (or at least it's trying to). Paola Bennets song is about that, about that feeling. She offers us an original christmas song that has exactly that sad, melancholy undertone. And at the same time, somewhere in the lyrics of this song, there is this glimpse of hope shining through. Or is it just wishful thinking?
Anyhow, this singer-songwriter from New York with her bright, aesthetic voice gives enough food for thought until Christmas.

Paola Bennet Insta & Twitter

Monday, November 21, 2022

Low and behold

The recent passing of Mimi Parker makes a list of Just Like Christmas covers more poignant. The song is the most posted song here, because there are many, MANY covers. And, tbh, we just can't get enough of it.
So, here are a bunch of recent versions, like this silky smooth cover (EDIT: this version was released earlier, and also featured on this blog, when Housewife were called Moscow Apartment)
Welsh version:

Powerpop version:
Chaotic but fun cover:
Like it was in Stranger Things:
But, lest not forget, on the 'Christmas' EP by Low were more fine seasonal songs. That were covered as well. Wrote about those earlier on the blog too, here's a fresh bunch of versions:

Sweet, shy version of Taking Down the Tree:
Long Way Around the Sea with a slight goth-folk vibe:
Same song, also folksy but with more electronics:
Posted this one before, but Beau Jennings singing Long Way Around the Sea still is a treat:


From 2014, and featured on BrooklynVegan at the time, this B52-ish, rowdy and fun track by twin sisters Chantal and Kathleen Ambridge is worth digging up again. It was, as far as I know, never properly released (on vinyl, on Bandcamp, on streaming services), but y'all can rock it still on Soundcloud. Thanks to CU for the tip.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Jon Bell

You know, we like our Christmas songs on this blog a bit odd. If it's punky, foulmouthed, depressing, LOUD, strange, synthesized; we're in. But, as you've noticed if you follow this blog, we're not steering clear of gorgeous songs, the gentile kind, the pro-Christmas ones.
This is where Jon Bell comes in. Also active in The Landing (that sounds like Dutch nu-yacht rock hero Benny Sings), he made an EP with two covers, and a very sweet, self-penned track called 'Christmas on my mind'. It's wonderfully produced, I love the handclaps, the bells and what sounds like a harmonica. A track that is as satisfying as the post-Christmas dinner glow.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

California Christmas (1)

There are A LOT of songs about spending Christmas time in the Californian sun. Recently, Dutch singer-songwriter Judy Blank added her Beach Boys-inspired track to the big pond o' Cali Xmas songs. And while diving for pearls on Bandcamp, I found this fun track by Death By Railroad, released on Jan 1, 2022:

So I thought, let's find more Californian Christmas songs, as a theme for this year.
This stormer can't be left out. Still a solid track (from 2019):
The fun part of finding songs for a themed post is that you bump into actual pearls like this fuzz-drenched song by Lakes (from 2014):
From 2015, and a staple on this blog: Dutch collective How To Throw A Christmas Party:
This is a common emotion in most Cali Christmas songs: we try to make it Christmassy but the weather isn't helping: We’ll chop down our Christmas Tree/Even though it’s eighty-three degrees outside. From 2008:

Upbeat sunny punky song from 2018:
Good ole boys country:

Jerry Leger

Guestpost! Ton Ensing (aka @T55) on some Canadian Christmas swagger:

Out of the blue the not-yet-as-famous-as-he-should-be Canadian singer-songwriter Jerry Leger released a brand-new Christmas single. It’s called ‘Christmas Without You’ and it’s vintage Leger. Rock ’n’ roll swagger with a touch of Americana and a perfect dose of storytelling.

‘See the lights a-dangling / of the tree-branches bending / new candles in the windows / old cards on the mantle / ghost of the past / o please bring me back / to our home at last / Holy night, guide this light / shake the spirit / make it right / for how will I ever get through / another Christmas without you.’

A lovely ballad that captures the Christmas spirit without the usual bells and whistles. Great harmonics too. Jerry’s regular band The Situation provides a solid backing. All-in-all one of the best Christmas tracks released this year, if you ask me.
The single has a lovely B-side too: Father Christmas, a cover of the famous Kinks tune. It has a very nice punky feel: an uptempo track that sounds like it was recorded live in the studio.

Friday, November 18, 2022

My Christmas tree is delicious

With this post we try to do justice to our header caption "present you the weird and the wonderful. The odd and the old". For this occasion John Marx covered Lady Gaga's Christmas Tree from 2008. We can hear the Rum Pum Pum Pum from The Little Drummer Boy in it as well as samples from Deck the Halls within a minimalistic electro dance pop track with lots of sexual innuendos. Is it tasteful, is it Christmassy? Apparently it's John Marx, who wishes you Merry Christmas F*ggots!!!

Coeur de Pirate

Béatrice Martin, aka Coeur de Pirate, released this Xmas song via Amazon, and now it's available on the streaming services and downloadable via Bandcamp. More Coeur de Pirate Christmas HERE

Sally Folk, shiny French Christmas pop

Québec singer-songwriter Sally Folk has two charming Christmas songs that you need to know about: Sage pour Noël (‘Nice for Christmas’) from 2013 and La Nuit de Noël (‘Christmas Night’) from 2020. They’re both perfect for your Christmas cocktail playlist, and if they were food, they’d be quality after dinner mints.

Playful and sexy, the lyrics of Sage pour Noël ring like a modern version of Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby. Instead of asking Santa for a bunch of expensive things like “decorations bought at Tiffany’s” (that’s jewellery from the New York City store, dahlings) and “deeds to mines”, Sally’s asking the guy she’s with for fashion items and first-class travel, or the money to go out and buy them herself.

The more recent La Nuit de Noël is about getting busy in the attic with her significant other while a family party is going on downstairs. The contradiction of actually wanting to see family, especially during the health crisis when people could not, and hiding from them when they could finally see them, is as human as it gets. The nod to The Chordettes’ Mr. Sandman at the start is a magic beam aimed at all of us.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

More Wine

Recently, we posted a couple of So Much Wine covers. And whaddayaknow, none other than Phoebe Bridgers read that blog, and decided to cover the Handsome Family song too.
Nah, of course she didn't read that blog. But what a GREAT version she made! That violin, those intense vocals, that break! One of the bestest versions of song, there I said it.

As you may recall, Phoebe is known for her great Christmas covers. See Here.
Hat tip Monty.


Third (but certainly not final) WORLD PREMIERE on this blog. Also from Nijmegen, hometown of Clean Pete. One of oldest cities in Holland, a Catholic stronghold, they luuuuurve traditon; no wonder 'Nimma' loves Christmas.

Chanteuse Linde Schöne (who can sing modern torch songs as easy as sunny danceable tunes) is in the top three of our Fantasy Christmas Music list, of singers you hope & pray that one day, they will release a Christmas song. Well, prayers were heard. Not only that, Linde made a FULL CHRISTMAS ALBUM WITH ORIGINALS. Thank you Lord.

This first single, that comes out officially tomorrow, is called 'Je hoeft niet mee naar mijn ouders' (No need to accompany me to my parents), perfect for her soulful voice. It has the bells, the horns, the Motown-tempo, the giddyness. Classic in the making, sure.
On the album, out next week, will be duets with Alain Clark, Jan Dulles (a damn fine song too) an Vic Willems. All in Dutch, yes. It's wonderfully kitschy at moments, soulful, jazzy and pure uncut pop. It's, in one word, GREAT.
EDIT: I changed the Soundcloud-link for this Spotify embed:
Linde Schöne Insta & TikTok

Rosie Thomas, Sufjan Stevens

All over other blogs already, this duet between Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens, but it's a great song, nobody (as far as I can tell) posted the Bandcamp link, so here goes.
Folkster Rosie Thomas, her husband and Sufjan Stevens made a wonderful song about togetherness at Christmas, with great lines like 'Man why did I let my feet get cold and bitter'. Thomas stated that 'though this story is framed within a relationship, the larger themes and longings are more universal. We all need hope, and we need each other', and you can't get more Christmasssy than that. I love that ethereal vibe in the song.
Thomas made a cool Christmas album back in 2008 (we did not post about that, because idk), Thomas and Sufjan collaborated earlier on a Björk-cover and a Mariah Carey-cover .