Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wisconsin Christmas compilation

'All proceeds from this album will be donated to The Milwaukee Rescue Mission to help in their effort to provide people with food/shelter/basic needs throughout the year.' That alone is good reason to buy this big compilation, but what's really great is there are some real gems on this versatile (metal to rap to introspective folk) comp. Aside from the covers (love that Christmas Eve Can Kill You version), these are some original highlights (some were released earlier):
John E. Swan, aka Dead Dead Swans, sounds like a down-and-out-Bruce Springsteen, and if he sings that you should not take the tree down because he's coming home, you know he's serious:
Powerpop trio Faux Fiction bluesin' their way through a tale about the reason why Santa did not bother takin' the trip to your stocking:
Christmas on the junkyard with Reynaldo Jenkins and the hailgurglin' voice of Steezy Wonder, yee-haw:
Reynaldo Jenkins is als responsible for this fantastic rawking Xmas track from 2014: 'Fuck the snow, I want some coke'