Thursday, November 03, 2022

Lola Kirke's better than any drug

Hold your horses, because here's Lola Clementine Kirke, with a sparkling new country Christmas tune. This original is on her seven-track EP Christmas Alone – Live that otherwise features live performances of non Christmas tracks from her 2022 album Lady For Sale. It's a delicate, almost intimate track that caused me to get into Christmas spirit for the first time this year (and thanks for that Lola!). Even without any sleigh bell ringing whatsoever, but not least because of phrases like "All I get for Christmas are tears" by the way.
I think she was bloody well right when she designed her merch: Lola's better than any drug.

Lola Kirke: Twitter & Insta 

And yet another original Christmas tune by Lola from 2018: Cross You Off My List.