Thursday, November 17, 2022


Third (but certainly not final) WORLD PREMIERE on this blog. Also from Nijmegen, hometown of Clean Pete. One of oldest cities in Holland, a Catholic stronghold, they luuuuurve traditon; no wonder 'Nimma' loves Christmas.

Chanteuse Linde Schöne (who can sing modern torch songs as easy as sunny danceable tunes) is in the top three of our Fantasy Christmas Music list, of singers you hope & pray that one day, they will release a Christmas song. Well, prayers were heard. Not only that, Linde made a FULL CHRISTMAS ALBUM WITH ORIGINALS. Thank you Lord.

This first single, that comes out officially tomorrow, is called 'Je hoeft niet mee naar mijn ouders' (No need to accompany me to my parents), perfect for her soulful voice. It has the bells, the horns, the Motown-tempo, the giddyness. Classic in the making, sure.
On the album, out next week, will be duets with Alain Clark, Jan Dulles (a damn fine song too) an Vic Willems. All in Dutch, yes. It's wonderfully kitschy at moments, soulful, jazzy and pure uncut pop. It's, in one word, GREAT.
EDIT: I changed the Soundcloud-link for this Spotify embed:
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mitchell said...

Phenomenal !!!