Friday, November 25, 2022

Santa Smith

You might not immediately expect goths underneath the Christmas tree. At most ín it perhaps, but upside down. The supreme goths of The Cure have therefore never ventured into a real Christmas song. Okay, there's one song that could pass for a Christmas track, but the typical Christmas spirit is pretty far away in 'Last Dance'.
And yet, on Dec. 9, 1987, for once they couldn't resist the Christmas call and played a cover of Slade's Christmas classic 'Merry Xmas Everybody' at Wembley Arena as their very last song on that tour.
Tonight, 35 years later, they play in front of 18,000 fans in Amsterdam and guess which former eighties goth is among them?
So, for old times sake: see y'all tonight, you bunch of bats!

The Cure - Merry Xmas Everybody (streaming) or
The Cure - Merry Xmas Everybody (mp3) 

Although he has had no official Christmas releases in his role as lead singer of The Cure, Robert Smith did record a Christmas track during his membership of Siouxsie & The Banshees in 1982. 'Il est né, le divin Enfant' (He is born, the divine Child) is a traditional French Christmas carol and was posted earlier on the blog here


01-12-22 (update)
Today the blogfather Guuzbourg pointed me out to these lines from 'Let's Go to Bed':
You think you're tired now
But wait until three...
Laughing at the Christmas lights
You remember
From December

As you can read over there, this track was written by Robert Smith as a reaction on the dark Pornography period the band came from. "... I wanted to get rid of all that. I didn’t want that side of life anymore; I wanted to do something that’s really kind of cheerful...".
It might not have led to a Christmas track, it's curious enough to not mention it here. Laughing at the Christmas lights. Nothing human is foreign to him.  

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