Thursday, November 03, 2022

So Much Wine, so many covers

When Christmas Underground stated that Handsome Family's 'So Much Wine' slowly has become 'an underground classic' I scratched myself behind the ears: really? Did I miss that this dark, alchohol-fueled relationship drama was covered by many and sang all over the place? Well, yes, I DID miss that.
When investigating, I came across many covers. Most stayed close to the orginal, but there are several that had a more personal approach.

Lovely, just lovely:
This version really stood out, it answers the question 'How would SMW sound when Lee Hazlewood had played it?':

Irish folk giant Christy Moore did an intense version:
Another giant, Jeff Tweedy, with some unsteady camerawork:
Sparse, a tad uneven, but great:

Totally joyous Nashville version. Note that Ian sings slightly different lyrics:

Can't do without this Andrew Bird version
Sweet, upbeat acoustic version:
With a little more fuzz:
In a dreamlike state:
Probably the sweetest version ever: