Sunday, November 13, 2022

The Man With All The Covers

Judy Blank had me thinking about that Beach Boys Christmas Album. I think I'll live happily if I never have to hear Little Saint Nick again, but track 2 on that album, The Man With All The Toys, is probably the best Xmas song Wilson/Love wrote. With that heavenly choir and those creepy lyrics. Who's the 'someone' spying on 'the man with all the toys', and just what are those toys? And why is that 'someone' tempted to go in?
Anyhoo, there are a lot of versions, but let's kick off with the original:
Version in full effect (or should that be 'in full fx'?):
Intimate, lo-fi version:
Just add guitars:
Also very sweet, delicate:
Very fun, Hammond/electric piano version:
From 1965, by a band calle The Variations:
Kinda diggin' this version too: