Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Carol Ades

If there's a theme in the year's Christmas songs, it's that most are sung by singer-songwriters, that they sing folksy midtempo/slow tracks with personal lyrics. Fewer loud rockin' tracks than earlier, fewer weird/odd tracks. OK, so it's not even December yet, might be too early to call, but I'd say this year's batch is more mainstream than before. Jury's still out if that's a downside to the popularity of Christmas tracks. This blog thrives by odd-sized Xmas songs from the leftfield crop, so I'm not overly excited by this turn of events.
Which does not mean we can't cheer for a more mainstream, or should I say in this case: a gorgeous and solid Christmas track, especially when it's (in her own words, a 'Jewish Christmas vision'. Carol Ades sings about a family Christmas get-together with her 'newish lover', doing Christmas-y things:
Chevy Chase
Is driving on the screen
This snow makes New York feel like a small town
It's only been a few years since I came out
With you
I've never felt so me

I'd say 'Two queens in a king size bed' by girl in red is still the bestest queer Christmas song out there, if you allow an 50+ year old white heterosexual man to say this, but this track by Carol Ades, the way it's sung, the production - it touches a nerve, it really does. I'm not doubting for a second this song is very close to Carol's real life, and I feel happy for her while listening to it.