Sunday, November 27, 2022

So here it is, Merry Xmas Covers, Everybody

November 7th 2023 (EDIT: turns out it's December 7th) marks the 50th anniversary of 'Merry Xmas Everybody', a Christmas Glamrock Classic if there ever was one. Played by Slade, set into greatness by the pipes of the beloved Noddy Holder, it's been inescapable around Xmas season since it's release. And rightly so - it's fun, it's a singalong, there's bells, it's got an incredible hook, it's not that loud so it fits any program/playlist.

I dove in the cover versions, and found out that most stay close to the original, sometimes with an added jazzy touch like in this version by Jamie Cullum & Robbie Williams, or they tried to take it down to a soft ballad.
I'm all for turning a song inside out when you cover it, but somehow, downsizing 'Merry Xmas Everybody' just (example).
I say; It's better to fire up the energy, emphasize the singalong part, make it as rawkous as possible.
Here are a few remarkable versions, kickin' off with the bestest (from 2020), in my opinion. Fast, LOUD, high octane (and altered, more snotty lyrics, LOVE IT, love the break, it's fantastic):
Second best, this sterling version that starts quiet, gets in a lo-fi Northern soul vibe and then EXPLODES:
Altered lyrics, you want? What a great version this (still) is, from 2017:
Posted here earlier in 2014, still good and energetic:
In the same vein, with some great rockabilly FX (2021):
Deep boomin' voice & wall of sound version (2021):
Skankin' on Slade. Yep, possible (from 2015):
Rancid Sheep set out in 2021 to make a bluuuuuurrrghhh-ingly ugly version, and passed with flying colours:
From the famed Snowflakes 45 series from 2020, this electronic, Pet Shop Boys-y version:
Not loud, piano-driven, I love the theatrical way it's sung, from 2019:
So indie-rock (think Feelies) it almost sounds like a parody, from 2013:
These guys made it sadder:
Did I miss a good, turned inside-out version? Please comment! Made a Spotify playlist with what I could find from this list, plus extras, HERE
From the comments, this haunting version by KIDS Alstarz from 2006:


Hamptonoid said...

Great Post! I commend these to the house...

Kids Alstarz. I can't find a link, it's on "The Best Kids Christmas album in the world ever"

Michael M's version :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh good one! Cool version, will add later (guuzbourg)

Hamptonoid said...

Found the Michael M one. Think it might have been on the CD only, and not on the digi release. I'm not sure. One day it'll make the mix!