Saturday, November 12, 2022

Damoizeaux, a swinging Christmas harmony

Singing in French and English, as people from Québec often do, Damoizeaux will get your Christmas party started, like when those first guests arrive and say “Joyeux Noël!”, crammed in the hallway while taking off their snow-covered coats and boots. The Christmas album La liste de Noël (‘The Christmas List’), inspired by swinging jazz manouche and fuzzy warm harmonies, features classics and translated classics, which are standards in their own right. While English-speaking world improvises to Autumn Leaves, the French-speaking world sings Les feuilles mortes, the original song.

Damoizeaux and Geneviève Beaudet co-wrote the original song Il y a nous (‘There’s Us’) at a time when those guests had to stay at home and couldn’t spend time with their families. From the childhood memories of building a fort with the big people’s winter coats piled up on the bed to the nostalgic looks of grandparents enjoying their last Christmases with extended family, Damoizeaux sings about feasts of colour and the laughter wine brings, the piano strings, the bad singers, the logs in the fireplace, and the presents under the tree, but above all, there’s us.

Damoizeaux - Il y a nous