Friday, November 04, 2022

Maxou & Yannou, Maxwell Farrington (edited)

THIS IS AN EDITED POST: Maxwell Farrington is an Australian bariton, who enjoyed some notabe success in France because of his collaboration with Le SuperHomard. Together they made this The Divine Comedy-ish (the band that is, not the book) 'Two Hopeful Lovers'.
In the caverns of Bandcamp I found this Xmas album Maxwell made in 2020, singing a tad less confident than on the Le SuperHomard EP. But this album is fun nonetheless. I mean, a song called 'Paul Kelly Wants His Gravy Back', any alt.xmas music lover surely cannot resist? (Context: Paul Kelly wrote and performed the xmas classic 'How To Make Gravy')
The album is filled with unsteady, demo-like tracks that sound like Maxwell and his partner Yannou had a lot of fun making. Now, 'Have You Filled The Fridge and Stockings, Dear?' appeared on Spotify, under Maxwells own name. A full album will be next. EDIT: That album will feature the song above, Auld Lang Syne, which isn't the traditional, but a song about that traditional. And it's great!
I could not find any references on the big Christmas blogs about Maxwell and/or Maxou & Yannou, which is odd. I might've missed a post. This is good stuff!