Thursday, November 17, 2022

Rosie Thomas, Sufjan Stevens

All over other blogs already, this duet between Rosie Thomas and Sufjan Stevens, but it's a great song, nobody (as far as I can tell) posted the Bandcamp link, so here goes.
Folkster Rosie Thomas, her husband and Sufjan Stevens made a wonderful song about togetherness at Christmas, with great lines like 'Man why did I let my feet get cold and bitter'. Thomas stated that 'though this story is framed within a relationship, the larger themes and longings are more universal. We all need hope, and we need each other', and you can't get more Christmasssy than that. I love that ethereal vibe in the song.
Thomas made a cool Christmas album back in 2008 (we did not post about that, because idk), Thomas and Sufjan collaborated earlier on a Björk-cover and a Mariah Carey-cover .