Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Santa Sorry

So we had the glitzy, religion criticizing showtune by Rocky Paterra earlier, and now this. This is as glitzy, as showy, but with weirder lyrics, 'in partnership with Baileys', and a freakin' OHRWURM as they say in Germany - a hookline you can catch a whale with. Both singers are based in Germany, it's basically Scissor Sisters with kraut & wurst added. I warn ya, you cannot get this out of your head for days:

What the HELL are these guys singing in the chorus?! 'Santa Sorry, I was naughty. How can I get off your lips/lists(??) Tell me what I have to kiss' (???) And that other line, does it go: 'Santa promise/I'll be your goddess/I just wanna take it slow/underneath the mistletoe' ??? Enlighten me. And if they do sing this - what are they on?!