Sunday, November 06, 2022

RIP Mimi Parker

Alas, we've lost Mimi Parker, drummer and songwriter of Low, singer of the alt-xmas-classic 'Just Like Christmas'. That is, of course, not her only legacy (this is), but on a blog like this, it sure feels right to take a moment. Or, better, many moments, because 'Just Like Christmas' is the most posted song here.
That's because it was covered many, many times. I just read this blog about JLC:
Featuring a jaunty “boomp-ba-doomp” bassline, a fuzzy, foggy organ and a beat chock full of sleigh bells, wooden blocks and huge echoing tom fills, “Just Like Christmas” would be nearly a classic even if Mimi Parker didn’t sing a note.
And that hits the spot right there.
We will probably post more later on, but the JLC-cover blogposts can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE


Oscar smit said...

The first Low-song I thought about when I heard the sad news was Just Like Christmas. RIP Mimi Parker.

Andy said...

So sad - although I'd argue that Low's cover of Blue Christmas was Mimi's greatest xmas gift to us!