Sunday, December 06, 2020

Just Like Low

I love Low's alt Christmas classic 'Just Like Christmas', and the full Christmas album that goes with it. The bestest Christmas songs aren't about Christmas as such. They're about the spirit of Christmas, the feel of Christmas, the longing, missing out, missing someone, etc. Just not about the feast, the celebration. That is why 'All I Want for Christmas is You' is such a good song, 'cause it's not about Christmas, it's about longing for someone who isn't there. And on the same note, 'Just Like Christmas' is the perfect Christmas song: It's about a band, on tour, who see snow, one of the guys says, hey, it's just like Christmas. But then the other one goes, nah. Then they arrive in another city, no more snow. And then, suddenly, it feels just like Christmas. But it ISN'T Christmas. It just feels like it, they feel young, it's the nostalgia that kicks in. Which is a key element to good Christmas songs. (There ARE good Christmas songs about Christmas, by the way, but that's another story)
Anyhow, I've collected covers of this song before (see HERE), and when new ones popped up, I decided to round up another batch. This is far from complete, but these I found real nice.

Very recent, very sweet:

Breezy, electronic version, a bit out of tune:

Faitfully done, nice pianosound:

A live version by Editors:

Another live version, by Doves:

Almost unrecognisable version:

Funky lo-fi version:

From this year's Randolph's Leap xmas comp:

Very laidback, dreamwave-y version:

Even chillier version:

I wonder what they used for making that rhythm. A saw?

Very nice indierock version:

Via Jim/CU, this version (that plays with the lyrics):

And various people (thanks) send me this dreamwave version, beautiful:

Thanks Neil for this one:

Shoegaze, blinking light electronica:
This gets better everytime I hear it, acoustic with a hint of keys: