Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Matt Pond PA

I was tweeting to @Illicit Ghost the other night, she shared a Christmas playlist with a track by singer-songwriter Matt Pond PA that wasn't available in Europe.
So that got me thinking, Matt was on this blog before (hat tip to Jim/CU) and I knew he had covered holiday faves, wrote seasonal songs and has a thing for tracks that have a distinct 'end of the year' feel. So here's five tracks (there's more, find out yourself) by Matt that struck me as very suitable for this blog, at this point.

Here's that Lindsey Buckingham song Illicit Ghost had put in her playlist, the former Fleetwood Mac guitarist/singer wrote it for the movie National Lampoon's Vacation. It's not a winter or Christmas song, originally, but Matt sure makes it feel like one (you'll hear yourself hum this on your way to your family - if that was allowed):

'Holiday Road' is part of this album, with some Pond originals and wintery covers (songs by Pixies, Linda & Richard Thompson, Neutral Milk Hotel). This is a real melancholy Matt-classic:

How is this NOT a holiday classic?!

If you really pushed me, I'd say this track is Matt Pond's bestest seasonal song:

This song might be just the one we need, December 31st 2020. Lyric: 'Here it is December's end/All our evaluations are in/The lowland's goal/Is less than low/It's good/So easy to have met them'