Thursday, December 24, 2020

freaky electronic Xmas

 Dutch musician Truus de Groot is a real phenomenon. Around 1980 she was part of  the Dutch post punk band Nasmak. She started her own band Plus Instruments and moved to America. Here she still makes more or less experimental electronic music, with self-made synthseizers. This year we already found her back  with two tracks on the very difficult to trace down Xmas compilation cassette 'Here's To Y'All, Snowflakes!!'. But now she is also on Youtube with a very appropriate and a bit freaky tune: 'Pandemic X-Mas Disco'. With this tune she hopes " to hopefully cheer up your Christmas during this dreadful pandemic". Oh yes and the video is also made by Truus de Groot. More covid/pandemic/social distancing songs? Go HERE, or find all our other posts on the theme HERE.