Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 Worldsucks is a New York punk/trash duo. This is what they say on the Bandcamp of their label  Dromedary Records about their Xmas record: "Worldsucks has turned its attention to a new enemy: Christmas. To commemorate the holidays in These Uncertain Times (TM), the band injected the traditional song "Must Be Santa" with some much-needed fury and angst. But, that wasn't dark enough. The band reached new depths of evil with a different spin on "Must Be Santa" with the soon-to-be-classic "Must Be Satan." " So they turned a childrens Christmas song from 1960 into a fast and furious punk track! The single comes as a very limited lathe-cut record.

By the way, if it's fast and furious you want, try this ultra-metal version of Last Christmas: