Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Covid Christmas (part 10)

OK, I promise this is the last post on Christmas songs with a covid reference. If I find more (and I will) I'll just add these here. More posts HERE, a playlist HERE.

Yes, it's the Waitresses song, but with 2020 lyrics:

Ready? Here we go, ONE TWO THREE FOUR

A bit offkey, yet heartfelt 'lockdown pop':

Crooning about covid-restricted Christmas:

Hell hath no fury for a women scorned by covid:

More FIERCE rock:

Why the long face? You can dance to this great African tune and zoom!

Very nice indie (just a guitar) song, from 2017, but on point now:

Beach Boys-y rock with Ramones-y energy:

Kamakazi reworked Lennon & Ono into a loud 'fuck the last year' song:

This is fun, really good song, 50s rock 'n roll style:

Fine, smart song by Sarah, one of the few covid-themed songs that I heard that actually see an upside: 'I’ve got an excuse/To be a recluse/At the most wonderful time of the year'

Another smart British song, in the same vein as the one above. Happy female voices singing: 'The best gift from Santa’s sleigh/Is if you stay the fuck away'
Heavy on the autotune, but an interesting, different angle of approach, Christmas celebrations on the curb
Covid themed song by The JAC, an Australian power pop outfit that releases a Christmas song for almost twenty years:
From the Very Athens 2 compilation, Sneakthief about 'this shitshow' we call 2020:
Same compilition as above. A naughty list for this year, including superspreaders, Mitch McConnell and other legislators (includes some well needed profanity):