Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Christmas Shitshow

A few years back, I collected a whole bunch of profane Christmas songs - lots of swearing, hate for the holidays, explicit lyrics. I've been adding (now and then) the Spotify playlist I also made (HERE), and the second 'The Christmas Shitshow' comes on streaming platforms I have some updating to do. 'Shitshow' is a 'a marathon 40-song compilation (...) made up of songs by The Cupholders and their individual bands as well as close friends and non-close friends alike from Ballard Avenue to raise money as part of Keep Music Live Washington, a fundraising campaign to save hometown, community-based music venues.'
The result is quite overwhelming. Musically, most bands dab in the country/Americana-pond, with some beats (Justin Roeser), loud guitars (Cupholders) and 50s torch (Prom Queen) thrown in the mix. Not all songs are distinctly about Christmas or winter, but they all have the same vibe.
Back to the swearin'. Most songs keep it pretty (Kate Nelson!) but these guys let it all hang out. Which is nice:

Country in the Merle Haggard-vibe, and this one made me laugh:

Cupholders again, in this two-year old shoutalong you can hear really well how Sam's voice resembles Paul Stanley's (of Kiss, yes)


Juan Plazas said...

Lmfao! Loved it! Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia