Saturday, December 19, 2020

Radio Tijden van Nood commercial break

Back in March, during the first corona wave, a lot of great (musical) initiatives were started. Online radio stations for instance. Ever since, I'm a real sucker for and a huge fan of one of those: the infamous Dutch radio station Radio Tijden van Nood, Beter dan de Ether (listen here). Various music lovers make live programs as if they were playing for themselves at home in the living room (or actually they sometimes even do, so be prepared for some amusing amateuristic failures every now and then, but looooove the music).
Now, the founder of this Christmas blog, Guuzbourg, also is a connaisseur for French music, which led to Filles Sourires, a blog dedicated to girls singing in French. And now we're getting close.
Every sunday between 14:00 and 15:00 Juf Jos is on air at Tijden van Nood with her fine French music show. And now we're getting even more close: tomorrow it's all about a cheesy French Noël! So tune in tomorrow at Radio Tijden van Nood and be amazed. (Insta here, huge Spotify playlist here.)

/commercial break