Tuesday, December 22, 2020


This EP by Bostonians Freezepop (making electropop since 1999) really surprised me in a good sense. As far as I can tell, it's the first Christmas EP by the band, they wrote two originals and had those, blitz pop style, remixed. It's 80s-for-the-zeroes-pop. I love the 'Night Sleigh version' of Glitterstorm. References: early Duran Duran, early OMD, Zoot Woman.
Two covers complete the EP, an almost unrecognisable version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, and this. An electronic 'No Presents for Christmas' version, originally by metal legend King Diamond (see a post about that song HERE)
This track isn't a Christmas song, it's from their 2015 Covers EP, but you could call it seasonal because of the electronic arrangement and the lyrics about ivy, frostbite and warm jackets. You could easily hear this in an 80s, Christmas-themed teen movie, no? The original is by Parks(from 2012), this is a lovely, OMD/Billy Idol-ish cover:


EyesOnTheRoad said...

Great find, thank you for posting it! Love those recreated crisp 80´s synth sounds. Never remember what originally made that creepy dry, flute-like sound in "Glitterstorm" but it can be heard in "Underwaterboys" by Shriekback and the dreamy instrumental "Moments in love" by The Art Of Noise (forerunners and inspirers of House Music) if anyone is looking for the roots of this style. Covering King Diamond´s "No presents for christmas" transformed into chilly electronica... brilliant!:D A pity I stumbled upon this site just when xmas has just passed by, but there will(supposedly) be a new one in the end of this year :). Hope this blog is still around then. Oh, a tip: look up "Christmas Reindeer" by The Knife, another great track in this wein that was originally released as a free download avaible only for the holidays that year (200x,I forget)not released in other form, but it´s floating around like driftwood on the fringes of the web nowadays.