Monday, December 07, 2020

John Patrick Elliott

EDIT 2021: Apparently, Elliott put the album out again under the flag of his band Little Unsaid. Which is nice. I updated the links.
This 'December Songs' album by 'Yorkshireman in London' John Patrick Elliott is getting a little traction, I see online. I think it ranks up there with the Beau Jennings and Thom Stone albums, bonafide seasonal classics. Albums with highly personal songs, and just a few instruments. Main attraction are the voice and the lyrics.

JPE is part of The Little Unsaid, and made this album 'curled up in the corner of my living room', and hopes it 'might be a quiet, comforting little hug for anyone who needs it this festive season. The offer of a musical mince pie in the darkness.' Musically, I'd place him quite close to Nick Drake, John Martyn and Donovan (listen to 'Fine World') , folksy singer-songwriters with a dreamy, slightly psychedelic side.

Tho I like every song, it's 'December Sun' I keep getting back to. It's such a delicate song, very tender, a love song with a twist. There's something off - and I think it has to do with another message on the Bandcamp page, that 50% of profits from downloads will go to UK mental health charity Mind. Again, when you write a song called 'Fine World When You Can Look it In the Eye', you've been down a road or two, had some dark periods. But this is not a depressed album, it's just very, very beautiful.