Friday, December 25, 2020

The 25th of the 12th

Hello. It's the 25th of December. Christmas day. Or, the birthday of the sun, if you're a pagan. So here's a few songs about this day/date.

A cover version of a song you may have heard on the Queen's Gambit soundtrack. Original by Bill Compton
Oh, Roberta:
Still a great track, after more than 25 years:
Not a song but a very good drum & bass dance track:
Very tender folksy song about this morning, very Christmassy; the longing is strong in this one:
Modern (yet pastoral) jazz from a very interesting project, 50 short compositions about, well, the weather during October 27th 2014 and April 28th, 2018
Weepy ukelele folk:
Calm and collected jazzy croonersong (funny how lyrics about 'a good year' sound really odd)
Hiphoptrack from the great Blackwatch III compilation
Lo-fi, but a great GREAT song this! Wild style R&B, handclaps, guitar solo, a bit messy but exciting! Crank up the volume. From 2013:
More? You want more? Try Silent Winters' Christmas Morning. Find Nick Piunti's power pop track here. Listen to Sloan here. Don't forget the utterly fantastic Lyle Lovett (and the cover by Rick Buur). Or this grand version of I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day by Shoeshine Pickens & Hospital Bombers. That one is not on Spotify, but these 30 versions (by Beau Jennings, Frank Sinatra, David Bazan, Carpenters, etc) are. HERE