Friday, December 18, 2020

More Dutch Christmas

Gruppo Sportivo was a famous Dutch band around 1980. They toured all over Holland (and a bit around Europe), best known songs are 'Disco Really Made It' and 'Hey Girl'. It's the closest a Dutch act ever came to the spirit of (artists on) the Stiff record label. Fun fact, one of their songs was once ripped off by Dexter Holland (from The Offspring) for his production of a Japanese duo (see HERE). Gruppo still plays live (when allowed), for this year they made a charming Dutch xmas song about the most famous reindeer ever:

Not the first time Gruppo Sportivo made a Christmas song, this is from 1981:

Also in Dutch, but musically more in the vein of the analogue synths of Stippenlift (this guy) is 'Kerstmis 1984' by Joost Kelker. Very little is known about this producer, he's a protégé of Daniël Lohues, once the frontman of Skik, now an acclaimed singer-songwriter. Tis his voice you hear on this track. Y'all probably have no clue what this song is about, but Christmas 1984 sure triggers the imagination, right?