Tuesday, December 15, 2020

North Pole Chimney Shakers + Sleigh Shakers Giveaway!

When I found this version on Bandcamp, it sounded strangely familiair. A walking blues, with harmonica and a hi-hat with bells, a song about the blues of being alone on Christmas Eve - had I heard this one before? When I did some research (ok it popped up right away on Google), I found that Casey Redmond, for he is the mastermind behind The North Pole Chimney Shakers, recorded this song several times. There's a version on Spotify, ten years old. And there's one on his ReverbNation page. This Bandcamp version is, while still pretty lo-fi, the bestest sounding version. Not the first song about Mrs Claus (playlist? HERE), but certainly quite fun:

To be honest, when I first saw the cover from the North Pole Chimney Shakers, I was kinda expeciting music in the vein of The Sonics; wild 'n raw bluesrock. So it isn't. If you want that kinda Christmas music, you better trust some other Shakers, the Sleigh Shakers. Regular visitors remember them Shakers from earlier on. We were expecting a new track for this year, the 'rona got in the way alas. I heard a demo, boy, 's gonna be HUGE next year. BUT. Santajan, Sleigh Shakers' vocalist and bandleader, handed over FIVE free vinyl singles of their indestructible Jingle Hell/Christmas Chicken Blues double whammy. With that magnificent Peter Pontiac cover. All you gotta do is send a picture of your record player, with a raw bluesy jam on it (say, a Muddy Waters album), so that we know this single will find a warm home. Send it to dringendgeval@hotmail.com, with your address of course. Do it before the end of this week!


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