Monday, December 21, 2020

Killer Bangs

This track by (probably) now defunct Philly band Killer Bangs comes from a VERY good, very stuffed compilation with lots of covers, and a handful of originals. I found this post announcing a Christmas EP by Killer Bangs featuring this song in 2014. But the Bandcamp link is gone, and that's all google gave me. If you have that EP, please contact me! It is this band, but it's not on their Bandcamp-page.
The song sounds like an heavy glamrock classic (think The Darkness), or something Cheap Trick could've done back in the late 70s. It's an original song, 's far as I know. It's sooo catchy, I can't get enough of it:
Other great tracks on the compilation, are this fun Thin Lizzy-with-new-lyrics-cover:

Same fun idea, different song:
When you call yourself House Plant, you just don't wanna be googled, right? This is a new song (he sings about wearing a mask, and moving to New Zealand, a country that beated covid), it's soulful, it has a great groove:
I generally skip covers of this song, but I listened to this one and I really really liked it. With a drum machine, and a guitar and a laidback vibe: